Four of the seven independent TV pilots to be selected to screen at this year’s festival on October 4–5 in Greenport, NY

Judges include showrunners Theresa Rebeck, Rockne S. O’Bannon, David Feigne, and David Greenwalt


Greenport, NY (June 25, 2019) — The North Fork TV Festival announced the final seven independent pilots in the competition to be screened at this year’s festival. Of these seven, the festival’s esteemed judges will select four to screen at the Greenport Theatre in Greenport, NY, on October 4–5, 2019.

“We went looking for the very best in indie TV,” said Elias Plagianos, Director of Programming for the festival. “And we found a diverse group of creators from around the world who are telling unique compelling stories in every genre. I’m so proud of them, and I’m confident we accomplished our goal.”

The finalists are the following:

  • BEYOND THE BADGE — directed by Ryan Miningham and Samuel Bennetts

  • EVERYONE IS DOING GREAT — directed by James Lafferty

  • M — directed by Javier Devitt

  • OTIS — directed by Alexander Etseyatse

  • RAINBOW RUTHIE — directed by Ruth Marantz

  • SHEPHERD — directed by Andrew Bryan

  • UPS AND DOWNS — directed by Eoin Cleland

“Narrowing down this year’s many terrific submissions was painful, but our seven finalists truly exemplify independent storytelling at its very best,” said Founder Noah Doyle. “We can’t wait to see which four our judges choose, and we look forward to getting them in a room with buyers in Greenport.”

The seven finalists now advance to be reviewed carefully by a panel of highly successful showrunners:

  • Theresa Rebeck — creator of “Smash”

  • Rockne S. O’Bannon — creator of “Defiance”

  • David Feigne — co-creator of “Raising the Bar”

  • David Greenwalt — writer and director of “Grimm”

“Being a judge for the festival is the ideal opportunity for me to work with ambitious, independent creators,” said Greenwalt. “I'm incredibly excited to help select winning pilots and then meet everyone in Greenport this fall. I hope we'll see another deal or two made this year too.” 

The four winning selections will be announced on July 10.

For more information, including the full list of events and screenings at this year’s festival, visit and follow @NorthForkTV on Twitter and Instagram. 

List of Pilot Finalists & Descriptions

Directors:  Ryan Miningham & Samuel Bennetts
Writer:  Anita M. Cal
Producers:  Anita M. Cal, Cheryl Jenkins, Will Blount & Samuel Bennetts
Starring: Don Wallace, Daya Vaidya, Rodney Rowland, Karimah Westbrook, and Evan Parke

As with most great series, “Beyond the Badge” is more than a police procedural. It is a dramatic hybrid that offers a different point of view of societal issues, undercover cop life, faith and family through an African-American lens. It is a family drama police procedural that surrounds the multi-ethnic Allen clan, a tenacious but flawed group of undercover cops with deep roots in LA. Everything goes down in the streets or hole-in-the-wall warehouses, but we rarely see the station in this series. These UCs risks their lives to protect and serve despite the personal toll. This will reward viewers engrossed in today’s divided America, but watching with hope.

Director: James Lafferty
Writers: James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti
Starring: James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti, and Alexandra Park

Seth and Jeremy enjoyed relative success from “Eternal,” a hit television vampire drama. Five years after their show has ended, they lean on each other as they struggle to reclaim their previous level of success and relevance, awkwardly navigating the perils of life and love amid a humorously painful coming of age.

Director: Javier Devitt
Writers: Mateo Ingouville and Ezequiel Schmoller
Starring: Alena Chinault, Jon McCormick, Marcelo Melingo, Heinz K. Krattiger, and Juan Alari

Diane and Tim, a young American couple, give up their search for Tim’s father in Patagonia only to encounter a local conman, Alejandro, who lures them back into their journey. As the three travel deeper into the woods, mysteries abound and the forest plays tricks. Each is searching for something — and ultimately discovering much more. They may be hunting a man. But what’s hunting them?

Directed, Written by, and Starring: Alexander Etseyatse

A young, calm, and mentally unstable man attempts to convince his new buddy that they don’t belong at a psych ward by inciting an uprising while trying to win back the affection of his ex-fiancée and daughter.

Written by & Director: Ruth Marantz
Starring: Ruth Marantz, Ayumi Patterson, Abraham Makany, Alexis Bronkovic

An ex–teen star from Manhattan Public Access TV in the nineties decides to relive her glory days.

Director: Andrew Bryan
Writers: Andrew Bryan and Owen Hornstein III
Producers: Todd Campbell and Kenneth Reynolds
Starring: Lance Nichols

Fed up with the crime and murder plaguing his inner-city New Orleans community, a Catholic priest with a violent past decides to take matters into his own hands.

Director: Eoin Cleland
Writer: Eoin Cleland
Stars: James Martin, Rosie Barry, and Susan Lynch 

A young man with Down syndrome tricks his sister into a road trip to go to a concert while being pursued by their mum. With no phones, no money, and no plan, can they make it?


The North Fork TV Festival celebrates the evolution of television, both mainstream and independent, bringing together the minds of actors, executives, writers, and directors. Held annually in Greenport, New York, at the historic Greenport Theatre, the festival supports independent program development and embraces exciting, innovative voices from around the world. Founded in 2015, The North Fork TV Festival is a year-round 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Every year an expert panel selects four independent pilots to be screened at the Festival and additionally mentored through development and eventual production of the pilots into on-air series.

This year, The North Fork TV Festival announces the inaugural Alfred P. Sloan Science + Tech Pilot Script Competition, which aims to encourage screenwriters to create more realistic and compelling stories about science and technology and to challenge existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers in the popular imagination. The winner of the competition will have their script turned into a produced pilot which will premiere at the North Fork TV Festival in front of top industry talent.

The two-day festival will also feature this year’s Canopy Award winner, in-depth industry panels, screenings of independent television pilots, a wonderful children’s program, and parties both nights.

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