Our History

2019 Festival

October 4-5, 2019 • Greenport Theatre

In 2019, we launched the inaugural science and technology script competition and turned the winner, Distemper, into a pilot that we premiered. We also selected and screened four incredible pilots, honored stars like Kelsey Grammer, and hosted festive parties.

Kelsey Grammar, Constance Wu and other panelists at the 2019 North Fork TV Festival


Award Winners & Panelists



Festival Selections


Sloan Competition Winner


Writer: Maxwell Pitagno
Director/Producer: Elias Plagianos

Distemper tells the true story of pathologist and LGBT icon Louise Pearce as she works to find a cure for African Trypanosomiasis as it infects millions across the Belgian Congo.


Writer: Eoin Cleland
Director: Eoin Cleland
Starring: James Martin, Rosie Barry and Susan Lynch

*U.S. Premiere* A young man with Down syndrome tricks his sister into a road trip to go to a concert while being pursued by their mum. With no phones, no money and no plan, can they make it?


Writer: Ruth Marantz
Director: Ruth Marantz
Starring: Ruth Marantz, Ayumi Patterson, Abraham Makany and Alexis Bronkovic

An ex–teen star from Manhattan Public Access TV in the nineties decides to relive her glory days.


Writer/Director: Alexander Etseyatse
Producers: Ebony Lewis & Lily Johnson
Starring: Alexander Etseyatse, Dwinsley Homere, Keithen Hergott, Murray Adams, Brian Hibbler and Jenelle Simone

A young, calm and mentally unstable man attempts to convince his new buddy that they don’t belong at a psych ward by inciting an uprising while trying to win back the affection of his ex-fiancée and daughter.


Director: Javier Devitt
Writers: Mateo Ingouville & Ezequiel Schmoller
Starring: Alena Chinault, Jon McCormick, Marcelo Melingo, Heinz K. Krattiger and Juan Alari

Diane and Tim, a young American couple, give up their search for Tim’s father in Patagonia only to encounter a local conman, Alejandro, who lures them back into their journey. As the three travel deeper into the woods, mysteries abound and the forest plays tricks. Each is searching for something — and ultimately discovering much more. They may be hunting a man. But what’s hunting them?

Out of Competition Screening


Writer/Director: PJ Posner  

What happens when a neuroscientist who’s devoted her entire career to proving you can never believe your own eyes witnesses a murder?