2023 Official Selections

Best Pilot: Comedy


Created by: Jeremiah Dunlap & Cory Quintard 

In a race against time, the Park Rangers of the underfunded and enigmatic Mt. Mystic State Park must unravel the mystery behind a sudden and unexplained monolithic structure that materializes on the eve of the new lieutenant's arrival, forcing them to confront supernatural forces while scrambling to prepare the park for his inspection.

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Honorable Mention: Comedy


Created by: David Allensworth

Two imaginary friends work together in an office full of more imaginary friends in this raunchy workplace comedy. Most kids grow out of the need for imaginaries, but these two manipulators have found a way to stay relevant in the lives of their humans - who are now in their 20s - by keeping them from forming any real bond with anyone else. 

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Best Pilot: Drama


Created by: Paul Munger

Every night, 20-year-old Joy gets a glimpse of the future. But with a dad on parole, a pill-popping boyfriend, and a recent layoff, that doesn't mean she can stop it from being shitty. That is, until she foresees an event that will ruin the lives of her loved ones forever. She'll have to figure out how to change her future — or live with the consequences.

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Honorable Mention


Created by: Sophia Peer

After jail-time, 12-step programs and five marriages, Annie begins her acting career in her mid-fifties with the help of a young director she met at a Burger King. In this show within a show, Annie tackles both her gigs as an actor and the role of herself in her own life story.

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Best Pilot Script: Drama


Written by: Sophie Wang

In 2062, memories can be extracted and stored at an institution called the United Bank of Memories. When Ghost, a cold-blooded assassin, discovers that his memories have vanished, he's thrust into a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game, and must navigate a twisted labyrinth of deceit to find out what happened to his memories and uncover the truth that could reshape the fate of humanity.

Honorable Mention


Written by: Stephen Purvis

This adaptation of the Charles Portis novel begins in the Yucatan at the Tulum Mayan ruins on Christmas Eve in 1994 when the Black Marine Veteran, JIMMY BURNS, and his Mexican partner REFUGIO BAUTISTA fail to prevent the murder of Jimmy’s sister SHIRLEY by the White Jaguar cult.

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