Our History

2021 Festival

August 4-6, 2021

4th • Opening Party at Crabby Jerry’s, Greenport.

5th-6th • American Beech Restaurant & Hotel, Greenport

Collage of Chris Jackson pointing at North Fork TV Festival sign, Patina Miller holding award, and the judges of the Inaugural Series Pitch Forum


Award Winners




  • Eka Darville • Actor {JESSICA JONES}
  • Italia Ricci • Actor {DESIGNATED SURVIVOR}
  • Brian J. Smith • Actor {SENSE 8}
  • David Greenwalt • Showrunner {GRIMM}
  • Rockne S. O’Bannon • Showrunner {DEFIANCE}
  • Keith Eisner • Showrunner {DESIGNATED SURVIVOR}



Festival Selections


Best Pilot: Comedy


Created by: Patty Carey

Patty struggles with turning 39, but with a little help from Thelma, Louise and Virginia Woolf, she reconnects with her writing — and herself.

Best Pilot: Comedy


Created by: Blake McWilliam

When our long-term counselors return for the summer of their lives, they think they’ll be picking up right where they left off last year. But when their fearless leader is kicked out before the kids even arrive, they’re suddenly left to fend for themselves.With new challenges, adventures, friends and enemies (we’re looking at you, William) around every corner, this isn’t the summer they planned — but maybe it will end up being their best one yet!

Best Pilot: Drama


Created by: Michele Palermo

Lisa Giordano-Navarro is in a bind. Middle aged, mid-divorce and “between jobs,” she is the very definition of stuck. While trying to figure out how to do what’s best for everyone around her and preserve her own sanity, she finds herself parenting Aldo & Ella, her crazy mother and father, arguing with her dysfunctional brothers Tano & Marco, and wishing she could finally find true love. Is she really 50 years old if nothing has changed since she was 12? This single-camera dramedy tells the story of one family’s wide emotional rifts, deeply ingrained roles, hidden secrets, terrible habits and fierce love — in other words, it tells the story of every family. At its center, our show is a deep dive into the life of a woman who should be in her second act, but seems perpetually trapped in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

Best Pilot: Web Series


Created by: Mathieu Rochet

Larry, an offbeat daydreamer, is appointed by the God of Rap to save the world from an epidemic of Trap Music. How? By finding OutKast, the mythical group from Atlanta. On his quest, he meets major players of the city's Hip-Hop scene, and ends up doing an accidental portrait of today’s stronghold of the world Rap Industry.


Pitch Forum

  • Chloé Lexia Worthington & Maura Kanter (Julie: La Scandalous Life of Julie d’Aubigny)

  • Catherine Loerke (In Vitro Veritas)

  • Mirella Christou (Push It!)

  • Allison Kemp (Vigilante)

  • Nadine Cheung (Room for a Pool)